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The World’s Greatest Mommy

April 22, 2010

Getting the kids to bed last night was tough – Princess S was whining and complaining about an ear ache, and while I was trying to give her some TLC (ear drops, Motrin and hugs), Princess B was doing everything in her power to get my attention (pulling books off of shelves, running around naked etc.). Where was hubby this whole time? He was visiting with his dad who had stopped by unexpectedly. It’s cool though – his dad brought my favourite doughnut (Boston Cream – I could make a bad New Kids joke here but I’ll leave that to your imagination…).

Anyways, as a result of the late bedtimes last night everyone slept in this morning, so leaving the house was a rush. Hubby is in charge of the morning drop-offs and does a fantastic job of making sure everyone has what they need for the day (ie: lunches, signed permission forms, homework and library books returned, etc…). My job is to pick out clothes and to give the kids breakfast. When I got to work this morning it occurred to me that I TOTALLY FORGOT TO FEED THEM!

(Yes – feel free to leave nasty comments about me starving my kids – I deserve it.)

Oh well – they have the awesome lunches hubby packed and at least I’m more coherent most days than this guy:

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