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pregnant women don’t exercise? wtf?

April 18, 2010

Maternity Sports Tank from Ocean Lilythe other day I went shopping for some fitness maternity clothes… my obvious choice was to head to the nearest maternity store (there are only TWO in my area of Canada).  while i found a great collection of bumming around the house clothes that they had identified as “active” wear (which seems to be the complete opposite of being active to me).  i didn’t find any technical shirts, running skirts, shorts or sports bras.  so i asked the sales clerk if they sold any maternity fitness clothes – she directed my attention to the bumming around the house clothes.  i said no, i need some REAL fitness clothes – not cotton stuff to sleep in.  i need stuff to workout in.  she looked at my like i had three heads and replied very matter-of-factly “pregnant women don’t workout, don’t you know that?”.  my temperature immediately climbed and i felt my fight-or-flight response kick in “are you kidding me?  i’m pregnant – not sick!  lack of exercise during pregnancy is a bigger risk for baby than exercising is!”.  i then asked if they sold any “technical” shirts – she responded that she had no idea what that was.  so i clarified for her – “it’s a moisture wicking material designed to keep you cool while exercising.  i’m surprised you don’t sell any because core body temperature is a big issue for pregnant women whether they exercise or not”.  she replied that they don’t sell any.

you know what sucks the most about my trip to this maternity store?  it’s that there are only TWO stores dedicated to maternity clothes in my area of Canada – Thyme Maternity and Motherhood Maternity.  NEITHER one sells fitness clothes!  no wonder so many women gain ridiculously large amounts of weight during their pregnancies!  i also tried the Running Room (shame on you John Stanton for excluding us pregos!).

when on earth are stores going to catch up to research?  a recent study shows that exercise during pregnancy leads to healthier babies.  but how on earth can we exercise without clothes that fit?

so i’ve done some research and have found a few sites that sell pregnancy exercise clothes:

do you know of any other stores?

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