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my pockets are on fiyah!

April 14, 2010

either that or there’s a wocket in my pocket… kidding!

this week the mail gods have been good to me – super, duper good to me!  monday i came home from work to find a $1000 cheque from the government – my 2007 tax return!  woot!  then tonight i came home to a another $700 cheque – my 2006 tax return!  double woot!  now that i’ve got some extra cashola my pockets are in fiyah!  i want to spend spend spend!  there are so many things i “need”…

  • an iphone
  • a coach purse
  • new running shoes
  • maternity clothes (i STILL can’t believe i’m pregnant!)
  • a small table for my upstairs hallway to put a little table lamp on

but sigh – a few years ago my credit card was on fiyah and the smart thing to do now is to use my unexpected winfall to put out that fiyah (or at least reduce it to “smoldering”).

what would you do with some extra cashola? pay some bills? buy yourself something pretty?

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