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Who’s Up For Another Healthy Challenge?

May 23, 2010

Lately this pregnancy is totally getting the best of me – I’m tired and just don’t feel like doing anything! Thankfully the healthy eating habits from my last challenge have carried over, so I’m continuing to eat TONS of fruits and veggies, but I’m in serious need of activity! I’m sure being active will greatly help my energy levels but I need an extra push to get up and swim each morning. My plantar fasciitis may prevent me from running and walking these days, but I can still swim – so I don’t really have a valid excuse for the sloth I’ve become lately…

Since I need some motivation (I figure I’m probably not alone) and to help kick off the American Cancer Society’s Choose You campaign, I’m challenging you to get up and be active too!

Here’s what I’m challenging you to do:
Be active for a minimum total of 30 minutes for 5 days a week.

Choose You Challenge

Choose You Campaign

30 minutes, 5 days/week
If you’re like most women, finding time to exercise can be a challenge. But a little can go a long way. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, just 30 minutes (though 45 to 65 is even better …) of moderate physical exercise five days a week can reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, even diabetes!


The challenge will start on Saturday, May 29, 2010 and run for 4 separate 1 week challenges. The last week will begin on Saturday, June 19, 2010 and end on Friday, June 25, 2010. After each week you will have 2 days (Sunday) to complete your log form, so that I can announce a winners on the following Monday.

You can walk, run, swim, bike, life weights, play tag with the kids, do yoga, pilates etc… It all counts! It doesn’t even have to be 30 minutes all at once – it can be 3 10 minute periods if you like. (The prize pack is only open to US residents, however if someone from another country wins I’ll come up with my own prize pack to send you – I want to keep this challenge open to anyone ’cause being active is IMPORTANT!)

4 WEEKLY PRIZES: I can offer you bragging rights – I’ll do a post each week featuring the folks that were active for a minimum of 30 minutes for 5 days. (Sorry, money is a little tight due to baby #3 coming along – however, if you know of any companies that would like to sponsor one of the weeks, let me know so I can contact them).

At the end of the 4 week challenge, all participants who were able to fit 30 min of exercise in 5 times in any one week will be entered into a draw for an: AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY CHOOSE YOU PRIZE PACK! What’s in it? I’m not really sure – however to kick off the campaign they sent me:

This cute Choose You Water Bottle

an AWESOME Choose You T-Shirt

cute Choose You Lapel Pin

Neutrogena Age Shield + Repair Anti-Aging Sunblock (SPF 55)

How to participate:

  1. Just leave a comment on the original post on my Fitness Cheerleader blog indicating your interest in participating and I’ll send you a link to your own personal activity tracking form.
  2. Track your activity the form – the challenge will start on Saturday, May 29, 2010 and run for 4 separate 1 week challenges. The last week will begin on Saturday, June 19, 2010 and end on Friday, June 25, 2010. After each week you will have 2 days (Sunday) to complete your log form, so that I can announce a winners on the following Monday.

So… Who’s up for the Choose You Healthy Challenge?

PS – Don’t forget to motivate your friends by tweeting:

I just joined the @fitcheerldr Choose You Healthy Challenge – won’t you join me? #chooseyou


An Interview With The Princesses

April 25, 2010

The Princesses were talking about a new baby (we haven’t told them that I’m pregnant yet) so I thought I’d whip out my webcam and record our conversation:

PS – do you know how to change the video preview on YouTube? That is one SCARY image of me!

The World’s Greatest Mommy

April 22, 2010

Getting the kids to bed last night was tough – Princess S was whining and complaining about an ear ache, and while I was trying to give her some TLC (ear drops, Motrin and hugs), Princess B was doing everything in her power to get my attention (pulling books off of shelves, running around naked etc.). Where was hubby this whole time? He was visiting with his dad who had stopped by unexpectedly. It’s cool though – his dad brought my favourite doughnut (Boston Cream – I could make a bad New Kids joke here but I’ll leave that to your imagination…).

Anyways, as a result of the late bedtimes last night everyone slept in this morning, so leaving the house was a rush. Hubby is in charge of the morning drop-offs and does a fantastic job of making sure everyone has what they need for the day (ie: lunches, signed permission forms, homework and library books returned, etc…). My job is to pick out clothes and to give the kids breakfast. When I got to work this morning it occurred to me that I TOTALLY FORGOT TO FEED THEM!

(Yes – feel free to leave nasty comments about me starving my kids – I deserve it.)

Oh well – they have the awesome lunches hubby packed and at least I’m more coherent most days than this guy:

My First Mid-Wife Appointment (Long)

April 20, 2010
I’m so glad this is not my first pregnancy, otherwise I would be freaked out beyond belief.  Yesterday I had my first mid-wife appointment (I’m 10.5 wks now) and other than peeing on a stick that I got a Wal-Mart, I haven’t gotten any confirmation that this pregnancy isn’t all in my head.  People can do that yanno… Want to be pregnant so bad that their body will mimic all of the signs and symptoms.  Trust me – this isn’t the case here.
Anyways, I got to meet my primary mid-wife for the first time yesterday.  She seems rather nice, and has three kids of her own.  We spent an hour discussing my history – Princess S was born a month early at a hospital with an OB attending, had difficulty nursing and I suffered from a nasty case of PPD which cleared up nicely when I returned to work. Princess B was delivered at a hospital two weeks early under the care of two mid-wives, who unfortunately I had never met from the practice until I went into labour.  Princess B was a champion nurser, but I suffered from PPD again.  The second PPD case took longer to clear up and I think I’ve only finally felt better these past four months.
Both labours were fast: 5.5 hrs and 3.5 hrs respectively, so my mid-wife spent a considerable amount of time trying to convince me to have a homebirth.  I’ve had two kids naturally with no complications, both with fast labours – so my history makes me an excellent candidate for a homebirth.  She has cautioned me that I may not have enough time once I realize I’m in labour, contact the mid-wives & drive 30 min to the nearest hospital.  I get that.  But I want a hospital birth – for some reason I feel more comfortable there moaning and groaning about the pain.  I don’t want my kids to see mommy in pain – I don’t want my daughters afraid of childbirth. I also don’t want to try and keep a clean house at the end of my pregnancy so that it’s presentable.  I’m the type of person that would try to prepare little sandwiches, snacks and drinks for those attending me while I’m in labour.  I just want to focus on my breathing – not what people think of my house.  I also like that I can relax and recover for a day at the hospital before going home and having little people whine that they want to go to the park & that they’re thirsty.
Don’t get me wrong – I strongly believe in natural births, breastfeeding past a year, co-sleeping and baby wearing – but homebirths aren’t for me.
After taking my history my wid-wife weighed me – I was surprised to find out I lost 1 lb since I found out I was pregnant, which means that over the past three weeks I’ve lost the three pounds I initially gained, plus one additional pound.  I’ve had a lot of nausea, and no desire to eat – surviving solely on fruit, crackers and cereal, but I didn’t think I’d consumed that little because I’ve been eating my three favourite things non-stop.  Want to lose weight? Live on fruit, crackers and cereal!
She then took my blood pressure – 90 over 60 (this apparently is the low-end of normal).  I’ve had dizziness and near fainting in my two past pregnancies from my blood pressure, so this is something that will need to be monitored.  She cautioned that if it got too low she may not allow me to drive.  If that happens I’ll need to find someone to carpool to work with.  Hubby joked that he and the kids could try stressing me out to help raise it.  He’s got a point – I haven’t felt the least bit stressed out lately.
Then she got me up on the bed (I love that the mid-wife office I go to is set up like a home with bedrooms instead of exam rooms – it’s still sterile, but very comfy and reassuring).  She tried to find the baby’s heart beat with the doppler, but couldn’t find it.  She then palpated to find the top of my uterus – she felt it, it’s just reached the top of my pelvis and should begin rising up shortly.  I wonder when I’ll need to start wearing maternity clothes?
All in all it was a good appointment, but not overly reassuring that everything is ok.  I was really hoping to hear a heart beat to make this seem more real.  Sure sore boobs, nausea and fatigue are real – but that doesn’t compare to seeing, hearing or feeling the alien that has invaded my body.  In two weeks I’ll have my first prenatal ultrasound – that’s when I’ll be able to see and hear this creature.  Maybe then I’ll be excited enough to actually tell someone besides my husband about our joy.  We still haven’t told friends or family (which is part of the reason I started this new blog away from my mom’s cyber-stalking…).

Child birth can be this comfortable.

PS – I strongly encourage anyone considering using the services of a mid-wife to go for it!  Their care is FAR superior to that of a Family Dr – after all delivering babies is what they specialize in!  Here’s a link the Association of Ontario Midwives – you can contact them for more information concerning midwifery.

pregnant women don’t exercise? wtf?

April 18, 2010

Maternity Sports Tank from Ocean Lilythe other day I went shopping for some fitness maternity clothes… my obvious choice was to head to the nearest maternity store (there are only TWO in my area of Canada).  while i found a great collection of bumming around the house clothes that they had identified as “active” wear (which seems to be the complete opposite of being active to me).  i didn’t find any technical shirts, running skirts, shorts or sports bras.  so i asked the sales clerk if they sold any maternity fitness clothes – she directed my attention to the bumming around the house clothes.  i said no, i need some REAL fitness clothes – not cotton stuff to sleep in.  i need stuff to workout in.  she looked at my like i had three heads and replied very matter-of-factly “pregnant women don’t workout, don’t you know that?”.  my temperature immediately climbed and i felt my fight-or-flight response kick in “are you kidding me?  i’m pregnant – not sick!  lack of exercise during pregnancy is a bigger risk for baby than exercising is!”.  i then asked if they sold any “technical” shirts – she responded that she had no idea what that was.  so i clarified for her – “it’s a moisture wicking material designed to keep you cool while exercising.  i’m surprised you don’t sell any because core body temperature is a big issue for pregnant women whether they exercise or not”.  she replied that they don’t sell any.

you know what sucks the most about my trip to this maternity store?  it’s that there are only TWO stores dedicated to maternity clothes in my area of Canada – Thyme Maternity and Motherhood Maternity.  NEITHER one sells fitness clothes!  no wonder so many women gain ridiculously large amounts of weight during their pregnancies!  i also tried the Running Room (shame on you John Stanton for excluding us pregos!).

when on earth are stores going to catch up to research?  a recent study shows that exercise during pregnancy leads to healthier babies.  but how on earth can we exercise without clothes that fit?

so i’ve done some research and have found a few sites that sell pregnancy exercise clothes:

do you know of any other stores?

my mom is cyber stalking me

April 17, 2010

so this is a new blog, but i’m really not all that new to blogging.  in fact i’ve been writing elsewhere for over 5 yrs but i am totally freakin sick of my internet addicted mom cyber stalking me.  she stalks my facebook, my twitter acct., and  especially my “other” blog.   she never ever calls me!  she just comments on all of my social network profiles. gah!

has this happened to you?  how did you handle it?  did you embrace it and continued writing whatever the hell you pleased?  or did you begin censoring your posts?

i’ve been censoring my posts, which slowly over the past year has totally sucked all the enjoyment out of having my blog.  how can it be entertaining if it doesn’t always have the whole truth?  so here i am – starting over, which really really sucks ’cause re-building a blog and a community takes millions of hours of time 😦

who are these kids and why are they calling me daddy?

April 15, 2010

tonight, after picking the kids up from daycare, i dragged them to our local WalMart to pick up a few much needed items for dinner (ie: food). after i released my hounds from their carseats they immediately began screaming “daddy! daddy!”… now on most nights my hubby works late – he does the daycare drop-off while I head straight to work in the morning. this means he doesn’t get home until 7:30. as my mind began to wander (that cheating bastard, i just knew he wasn’t working late every night!) i looked down the parking lot to see my hubby – only it wasn’t my hubby… it was just a very scared looking man the spitting image of my hubby. my kids certainly have left that man with a lot of explaining to do to the girlfriend who appeared rather ticked off with him – ooops!